My Design Process

1. Discovery

In order to make sound, informed design decisions, you have to first understand the problem you’re solving. Efforts in the discovery phase help me understand user needs, business goals and the competitive landscape to create a foundation from which to start.

Throughout my career, the discovery phase has typically involved:

- Listening

- User Testing

- Stakeholder Interviews

- Focus Groups

- Competitive Analysis

- Resource and Budget Gathering

- Project Planning and Timelines

- Stakeholder Management


2. UX Strategy and Content Strategy

After setting the foundation in discovery, the definition around how to proceed begins to form. At this stage, we should begin to fully understand the project from both a user journey perspective with site maps and wireframes, in addition to a content strategy around, art direction, copy and messaging.

- Site Map/User Journey Development

- Sketches and Wireframes

- Preliminary prototyping and testing

- Stakeholder reviews


3. Visual Design

From there, the process of visual UI design begins. In this stage all of the high-fidelity mock-ups are created using a global design system that includes all components, typography, colors, and icons. This is also the stage where the polish and immersive elements get included including the animations, transitions and micro interactions that give the digital experience a sense of life.

- Art Direction Approval
- Content Creation(Photo, Video, Copy)
- Style Guide Creation
- UI Elements Creation
- Designing Hi-Fi Mock-ups
- Animation/Interactivity prototyping
- Stakeholder Approval

4. Design Delivery

Design handoff processes can vary depending on the project. In iterative processes, handoff is apart of the recurring product life-cycle where after updates are coded into production, we test and optimize again. For engagements that are more one-off, like a tentpole marketing push as with an agency relationship, the handoff stage involves writing any sort of specs and then delivering all design files.

- User Testing/Validation
- Product Demonstrations/Road-showing
- Design Delivery

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