YSL Lipstick Finder

UX | Art Direction

The Backstory

As a pioneer in the lip category, YSL Beauty needed a way to streamline it’s ever growing assortment of lip products to consumers. To do this, my team in collaboration with marketing concepted a tool meant to lead customers to the lipstick best suited for them. Using simple guided selling principles and high impact imagery, consumers were able to easily discover the perfect lipstick for them.


Omni-Focused Approach

The discovery phase of this project involved understanding how beauty consumers shopped for lipstick, even offline. User research and guidance from Marketing and Sales on their in-store retail strategies helped narrow the digital experience into three very simple selections: 

1) Color Family

2) Finish

3) Formula/Benefits



Mobile-first experience

For ease of use, and the goal of working optimally on mobile, the experience was stremalined with very few options and screens. Large clickable areas supported by vibrant on brand imagery created an immersion that enticed users to proceed. 


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